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Energy price rises to hit UK households

Wed 23rd Oct 2013
Npower today became the latest energy provider to announce major price increases, raising concerns over how already financially stretched households will be able to cope. The 10.4 per cent increase o...
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How long does an IVA last for?

Mon 21st Oct 2013
The simple answer for how long an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) lasts is five years. In the majority of cases someone entering into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement will make sixty monthl...
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How will a Debt Management Plan affect my credit rating?

Tue 3rd Sep 2013
  Debt Management Plans are informal arrangements in which your creditors agree to reducing your debt repayments down to an amount you can realistically afford. In this way you are able to continu...
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Priority and non-priority debts

Wed 28th Aug 2013
Anyone who has struggled to juggle many debt repayments from month to month will have had to consider the question which debt should take priority? Although it is important for all debts to be r...
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Unemployment biggest cause of debt problems for young people

Fri 22nd Feb 2013
Lack of job opportunities is the most significant factor in leading young people into debt according to charity StepChange. A third of adults who sought help from the charity said that unemployment w...
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Can I apply for a debt management plan if I'm self employed?

Thu 9th Aug 2012
Debt Management Plans (DMPs) provide a solution to many people who are struggling to keep up with their debt repayments. They are a way to lower your repayments so that you continue to repay your debt...
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What documents do I need for an IVA?

Mon 6th Aug 2012
The first step in applying for an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) is to provide a full and honest overview of your financial situation. Your Insolvency Practitioner will use this information to...
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How would an IVA affect my pension?

Mon 30th Jul 2012
  If you are considering an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) as a solution to your debt problems then it is important to consider how it may affect you in the long term. One question we a...
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What debts can be included in bankruptcy?

Mon 16th Jul 2012
  Although bankruptcy is often seen as a last resort it can in many instances be the best solution to overwhelming debt problems. If you are considering becoming bankrupt then it is important to k...
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Can we have a joint debt management plan?

Thu 5th Jul 2012
 If you and your partner are struggling to keep up with your monthly debt repayments then a joint debt management plan (DMP) could be a solution. In a debt management plan your debts are restru...
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